About Our Town

Welcome to the town of Shivercliff!
A place you’ll never want to leave…

We aspire to show our lovely town to every newcomer who stumbles upon its gates. As far as the town itself goes, how it was designed by our founding fathers, it is truly a fusion of old and new. A mixture of mature experience with young and frivolous dreams. Here, you can find a town which was planned and developed with great attention to detail, providing its citizens with everything what is needed – job, healthcare, safety and finally, a place to call home.

Be in awe as you discover what mother nature has created for us to enjoy. Breathe in the fresh air of our evergreen forests, stroll on the shore, swim in the warm light of a beautiful sunset and explore the infinite maze of karst caves. But be careful – don’t get lost in all the excitement.

Get to know your neighbors, as they will be excited to spend time with you. Talk to them and discover them. Under their everyday facade lies a complex person with fascinating and terrifying stories to tell. You can be the next big plot twist in their lives.

You are most welcomed to become the next citizen of Shivercliff.

A place you will not be able to leave.

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