Review on Husk Game

The husk is a first-person terror game that will arrive at Steam on February 3. On the occasion of the announcement of its release date, developers, UndeadScout and IMGN.PRO, has released a new trailer: At Husk, players will have to explore the city of Shivercliff in the role of Matthew Palmer.

It is 1995, and the protagonist wakes up after a train accident, alone and without his daughter and his wife. The only sign that will guide you is an old sign that reads “Welcome to Shivercliff.” Developers have tried to make this game a tribute to other games such as Silent Hill or Alan Wake, or television series such as Twin Peaks.

More about Husk

The husk is a classic horror adventure in the first person, with a very elaborate story, a novel Setting full of references-about titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, without forgetting modern works such as Alan Wake – and a graphic section elaborated thanks to the Unreal Engine 4. The game will tell us the story of Matthew Palmer, who after suffering a train accident, will have to look for his missing daughter and wife in the city of Shiver cliff.

Analysis of Husk (PC)

After The Return of Resident Evil, if there are two sagas of terror that everyone misses, they are Silent Hill and Alan Wake. UndeadScoud poles have set to work to bring together the best of both worlds (from a first-person perspective, yes) in a single game, this independent project called Husk.

Unfortunately, we advance you as the results do not match the creations of Konami and Remedy, although they do keep some quality glimpses. If you are fans of terror, you will find yourself with a wasted opportunity, although it seems that not everything is lost and that you may have a second chance shortly.

Welcome to Bright Hills? Silent Falls?

The husk is a first-person terror game with much emphasis on exploration, and unlike many other titles of the genre, it does include fighting enemies. The mechanics are well known: explore, get the object necessary to advance, defeat enemies, and Discover History. The husk is not trying to innovate in the genre, but quite the opposite.

The story takes us to 1995, and it puts us in the skin of Matthew Palmer. It all starts with a train ride with our wife and daughter. We are going to our native place to get to know his grandfather, even though it shows a bit reluctant. Something strange happens in the wagons, something that somehow doesn’t seem real, and finally, an accident leaves us lying in the middle of nowhere, without our family and in a seemingly abandoned place called Shiver cliff.

The beginning of the argument, as you see, could not be more generic, but the truth is that history has seemed reasonably entertaining and has been the main incentive to continue playing. Husk tells us a rather serious and dark story, dealing with issues such as alcohol or violence, although unfortunately they are often lost to an inconsistent narrative and a protagonist without too much presence. As far as the setting is concerned, we have no complaints to be an indie title, with convincing environments and varied scenarios that give diversity to the adventure. The problem is that they playfully do not take advantage of all, and the progression can become quite dull. To move forward, we have to find a key, a key or some object that allows us to open the next door, and we miss more variety of situations over the 5 hours that lasts, approximately. Too bad, because scenario design has potential and could have given more of itself.

A similar problem is a combat. We understand that they wanted to give you that feeling of weakness so that we feel the fear of facing the enemies, but the result is awkward encounters, both hand to hand and with weapons. While we recognize that the easy way would have been directed to avoid fighting, and we appreciate the effort on the part of the team, the result is not the desired one, resulting in confusing and sometimes even comic moments.

We can’t finish without commenting on the bugs we found. During the analysis, the game received the first patch, but it is still in a state where we believe it should not have been released. We are not talking about minor errors (which also exist), but serious mistakes that can leave you locked up in a scenario or stuck in geometry forcing you to restart.

As you can see, it is a game of ups and downs, and the technical section is no less. Graphically it is a very showy title thanks to the Unreal Engine 4, although it carries its endemic evils, such as the late load of textures. As you can see from the images, it is quite a result of being independent, and although it is far from the great overproductions, it does its job well. © 2024. All rights reserved.